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hello all,

i want to install freebsd8.2 with different partitions. i want to have
a separated partition for /etc. therefore this is my partitions: / ,
/var, /etc. /tmp, /usr, swap.

but after installing, freebsd can not run correctly and have problem
with fstab. i checked my fstab file (fstab file in /etc partition) and
every thing is ok. i think i should do something in order to use fstab
file in different mount point. is it true? what should i do to have a
freebsd with a separate /etc mount point?

Generally speaking, a separate /etc partition is A Bad Thing(TM), and a sign you're doing things wrong.

However, nanobsd does (partially) separate /etc out, and it does so using /etc/rc.initdiskless and its early (pre-rc) mounting code. Take a look at rc.initdiskless and the nanobsd code in


if you really want to go down this route.

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