On Mon, 19 Aug 2013 04:22:15 +0100, John wrote:
> > If you don't use a custom kernel, why not use freebsd-update
> > and follow the 9.2-RELEASE path with the security updates?
> Not sure if this is logic or "religon", but freebsd-update makes me
> nervous. I'm allergic to automatic anything unless I've written it. The only
> times I've run generic is when installing a new system, to see what I
> need and what I don't. Maybe I'm just old.

You demonstrated a valid argument for building from source.
Using freebsd-update, a binary method is used for updating
the _default_ system and the GENERIC kernel. If you have
custom settings and therefore _intend_ to build from source,
changing the version in your "svn co" command to the new
-RELEASE-pX branch (security update branch) is safe.

I've been using a similar approach with CVS to follow the
-STABLE branch with a custom kernel and custom settings for
building the system. If this makes me old, I should deserve
several birthday parties per year. ;-)

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