Thanks Graeme, 

Also my vga card is broken, probably tomorrow I'm getting a new one and I can 
give a try. 

On 2013 September 8 Sunday at 6:16 PM, Graeme Dargie wrote:

> Assuming the disk has not been written to, then making a full DD image of the 
> drive is your 1st step, then make a copy of that DD image and store it 
> somewhere safe in case something goes wrong with the one you are working on. 
> You can try Foremost which can recover data even deleted stuff from a DD 
> image, there was another package that works on the command line but I cannot 
> recall the name of it just now. Your success rate will depend on the type of 
> data you are trying to recover, from experience foremost works better on 
> certain types of files. 
> Regards
> Graeme Dargie
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> Subject: ufs recovery
> Hi,
> By mistake I forgot to edit my crontab on my FreeBSD 8.3 after I took out one 
> of the hard drives.
> I had a little rsync script which I used to synchronise a directory between 
> those two hard drives, because one of the hard drives were not present 
> anymore and rsync had the --delete parameter I end up deleting the whole 
> directory, of course with precious informations. 
> I have ufs on the hdd, after the "accident" I've turned off the computer to 
> avoid any writings on the disk.
> Do you have any idea how can I recover the lost directory? 
> Thank you!
> Laci
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