FWIW, I think that I found the problem.  With the help of our ISP,
we've found that one of my servers has been dumping so many packets out to
the Internet that our router was dropping packets.  I've unplugged it at
this point and we do not have the same symptoms at this time.

        The clues to a crack are evident, too.  A process "/usr/sbin/nscd"
is running on the box according to top and ps, but the file does not
exist.  Further more, I never told such a process to execute.  Shortly
after a reboot, a netstat command showed a connection to 37303 on a remote
host.  I was the only person logged in and I did not initiate that

        Obviously, I'll be taking steps to find the crack and remote it.
:)  If anyone wants to suggest something to check, I'd appreciate it.


"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts."
 - Henry David Thoreau, _Where_I_Live_
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