P. U. Kruppa wrote:
On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Bill Moran wrote:

Darren Pilgrim wrote:

I need to create a secure connection over the inter between my workstation at
home and a server I have elsewhere.  My workstation is running RELENG_5_0 and
the server runs RELENG_4_8, both up to date.  I need the secure connection to
occasionally access swat and VNC remotely.  You can assume all the ports I'll be
accessing are local to the server.  My workstation is behind a Linksys BEFSR
router doing NAT with an IPsec passthrough.

What would work best in this situation?

Just to throw something else into the mix.

I've used vtun in the ports (net/vtun) with great success.  It's fairly easy
to set up and works like a charm.
You can configure it to use any port you want, whatever's available.
It's what I would use if I were in your situation, so I thought I'd recommend it.

Just to throw something else ... :-) vtun really works well - as long as both client and server have static IP's . Do you have any idea what can be done if the client has a dynamic IP ? Connecting from client to server always works well. But the other way round my connection breaks after some time and cannot be restablished.

I haven't had any problem with this, since I've never had the need to connect from server to client. All sessions were initiated from the client. I don't know of a clean solution to allow you to connect to an IP that keeps changing, for any type of VPN software.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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