Does anyone know if it is possible to use vobcopy on a DVDROM mounted over nfs ?

I have tryed this and keep getting this error:

# mount_nfs hostname:/path/to/dvdrom

# vobcopy -i /mnt
You use -i. Normally this is not necessary, vobcopy finds the input dir by itself. 
This option is only there if vobcopy makes trouble.
If vobcopy makes trouble, please mail me so that I can fix this ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). 
Could not find the provided path (/mnt), typo?

path to cd:
libdvdread: Can't stat
No such file or directory

Path thingy didn't work '(null)'
Try someting like -i /cdrom, /dvd  or /mnt/dvd

Any ideas ?


 - aW
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