> To whom it may concern,
> I am having to put together a presentation about FreeBSD for an Operating 
> System class.  This is due in early July.  The things I need to know are:  
> Hardware Supported,  Scalability,  Reliability,  Security,  Speed,  Ease of 
> Use,  Maintainability,  Administration,  and the History of FreeBSD.
> Any information or questions about this presentation I am working on please 
> feel free to email me.

You can get pretty much all of this from the FreeBSD web site and by
doing searches of the mailing list archives from the FreeBSD web site.
There are special pages for some such as supported hardware and security 
and extensive discussion on the others in the lists.   There are also
links to other sites with more info.



> Thanks,
> Paul E. Hilliard
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