Moti Levy wrote:
before I do the unthinkable and use Linux for a server , I ask for your
I have a set of 4 IDE drives .
I need to build a file server that'll run samba/nfs

I've done this. Works very well.

I want to use all 4 drives as a raid 5 array and use the combined space for
is there a way to do it with FreeBSD ?
I looked at ccd and vinum but as far as my understanding goes , I cant use
it during setup but rather build the
system first and than use ccd/vinum on all BUT the system disk .
am I wrong ?


is there a solution out there ?

You can use all four drives in your Vinum array. There used to be a restriction that the root partition could not be part of the Vinum array, but that's no longer the case, see the Vinum section of the handbook: And specifically this:

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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