Supote Leelasupphakorn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >> Dear all,
> >> 
> >>    Because we have the command "chmod" for change
> the
> >> permissions of
> >> files so what does the command "chflags" used for
> and
> >> what suituation 
> >> I must use it ?
> >chflags is used to set system flags on files you
> don't want to be
> >modified accidentally - most commonly the 'noschg'
> flag stops a file
> >from being deleted by a normal user.
> >See the man page for more details, and also the -o
> option to 'ls' (which
> >shows flag settings for files.
> but "chmod 600 <those_file> do the same thing why does
> "chflags" come to play ?

Flags can't be removed (at all) under raised securelevels.

Most of the flags have semantics that can't fully be duplicated with
normal file permissions.
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