I have an Aztech UM9800 external modem but I don't know how to configure it to work 
with FreeBSD.When my system boots I see something like "ugen0:SMElectronics 
Communicator bla bla", I think this is my modem ...
If anybody would like to help me configuring my modem to work with FreeBSD I would 
appreciate that. I HAVE READ THE HANDBOOK chapters 17 and 18 but there's nothing 
relevant.I've fallowed the instructions step by step but ... nothing. I cannot use ppp 
... after I type "set device /dev/ugen0","set speed 115200","enable dns" and "term" it 
says something like ... "ugen0: no edesc"(two times), don't know why.
There is also a dial-up tool in KDE 3.0 but after I hit "Connect" the whole system 
doen't respond anymore and I must reboot it.
I hope my modem works with freebsd.(it certainly has drivers for linux).
Thank you !

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