On Sat, Jun 21, 2003 at 05:38:05PM -0700, Gary Schenk wrote:
> I am running 4.7-RELEASE. When I installed freeBSD I made the localhost 
> name fuzz.
> I am now attempting to get mutt running on this computer.
> I cannot send email to the outside world. My email is rejected because 
> the doamin part of the address includes the localhost name "fuzz". So 
> instead of "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", which is what the ISP expects, mail 
> is sent out as being from "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".

You can put:


into your ~/.muttrc which should help, but yes, the general solution
is to use sendmail's Masquerade feature.

> In one attempt to get things working, I edited freebsd.mc in a couple of 
> places. I defined 'SMART_HOST' as my isp, and included a line 
> MASQUERADE_AS('socal.rr.com'). I did make cf, and make install. After 
> running sendmail -q it gives me an error message in sendmail.cf "line 
> 66: unknown configuration line "\n"

> MASQUERADE_AS('socal.rr.com') dnl

> dnl Dialup users should uncomment and define this appropriately
> define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp-server.socal.rr.com') dnl

Hmmm.. Try this in your `hostname`.mc.  Don't leave a space before the
'dnl' after those entries, and make sure you get the quoting right.
With m4(1) you need to use quotes like `this', not like 'this':


    define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp-server.socal.rr.com')dnl

In case your screen font doesn't make the distinction clear, the first
quote mark ` is character 96, and the second quote mark ' is character
39 -- see ascii(7) for the whole table.


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