generic install of 5.1 release. sshd version
OpenSSH_3.6.1p1. i have /etc/hosts set up . all
systems are "RFC 1597" networks and i do not have a
bind server. every connect takes over a minute to
complete; using passwords.

(ssh -vv host) 
stalls at 
looks up address, gets no response, times out and lets
me in.

ssh server is running w/ "sshd -4 -u0"

man sshd 

may also be used to prevent sshd from making
DNS requests unless the authentication mechanism or
requires it.  Authentication mechanisms that may
require DNS
include RhostsAuthentication, RhostsRSAAuthentication,
changes to sshd_config (on server)
        PasswordAuthentication yes
        VerifyReverseMapping no
no changes to ssh_config (on client)

i have tried all suggestions below and a few more,
that i could not find again.[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg06861.html

thanks to all 

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