I have not inetd running, but instead only allow secure
connections with ssh and sftp.
However, the hints given here seem to only apply to ftpd
server and not the sftp connection. /sbin/nologin disables
both, ssh and sftp.

Is there a way to disable ssh, but allow sftp access only?
Can I do the /etc/ftpchroot for sftp as well?


Jonathan Arnold wrote:
>> How to create users for Ftp server(inetd)?
> You just use the 'adduser' command normally, to add a "normal"
> user. If they are just going to be doing ftp, you can use the
> /sbin/nologin for their shell, so they can't login.

Doron Shmaryahu wrote:
> I would also suggest limiting ftp users to their respective home dir. You
> can do this simply by creating a file /etc/ftpchroot and putting all the
> usernames in there.

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