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The secondary mail exchanger tries to send the message on to its
destination, but the mail is bounced by the primary mail host (either as
spam or because it has been sent to an invalid address). So, the
secondary dutifully tries to notify the sender that the message didn't
get through.

Of course, the "From:" and "Reply-to:" headers of the spam contain either
a completely bogus address or one that has quickly been shut down due to
spamming. So, the host, not knowing what else to do, sends a notice to
Postmaster, saying that the notice to the sender could not be delivered.

What's the easiest way to suppress this resource-consuming, mailbox
clogging chain reaction?

Carefully check out the sendmail "Double Bounce Address" option, with a view to piping it to /dev/null [Like I said, 'carefully' check this out :)]

Or, secondly - as was cleverly suggested to me a while ago - setup a 3rd MX that has a IN A PTR to your primary MX, and make it the highest priority...


mx0.mydomain.com   PRI   20
mx1.mydomain.com   PRI   30
mx2.mydomain.com   PRI   40 (Which is really just a different name for mx0)

That way, you'll probably find most the spam hits the highest priority MX (which is, in reality your primary MX).

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