I keep getting the following in /var/log/messages every time I run mysqld:

Jun 23 03:04:14 franky /kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace: failed
Jun 23 03:04:14 franky last message repeated 26 times
Jun 23 03:04:15 franky /kernel: pid 189 (mysqld), uid 88, was killed: out of swap space
Jun 23 11:19:39 franky /kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace: failed
Jun 23 11:19:41 franky last message repeated 48 times

Is this a problem with mysql, or do I need to get more swap space?

The machine has 32MB RAM and a swap space of 128M, I am running apache 1.3.27, mysql 
4, postfix and courier-imap. The problem appeared when I began using a mysql database 
with postfix for virtual domains. BTW, courier-imap doesn´t work with mysql yet.

Thanks in advance,

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