I've just installed 4.8-RELEASE on an SMP system, making the newbie mistake
of running CVSup, then building a new kernel to enable SMP without doing a
``make world'' first.  The kernel make worked, and booted -- with the minor
problem that ``ps'' and friends didn't work, and booting kernel.old paniced
as well.  I'm doing a ``make world'' on the new install now while back on
my Linux desktop doing e-mail.

Be that as it may, when I booted the new kernel with an external firewire
disk turned on, the new kernel detected the firewire disk before it did the
SCSI on the adaptec controller, and naturally couldn't find a working
system on it.  The system would boot with the firewire drive off allowing
me to determine that I had screwed up the build.

My basic question is how does one control the order devices are scanned
during the boot process?  I would like to be sure that the system will come
up after a power failure with no operator intervention if possible.

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