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I am having some issues with network performance and am wondering if
anyone has any suggestions... the box in question has 2 100BT interfaces,
and an Intel (em driver) fiber Gigabit. The Gigabit connects to a switch,
and the two fast-e are WAN connections to our ISP(s). This box seems to
be using an awful lot of CPU cycles relative to the traffic it is
pushing, which is around 65-70Mb inbound, and 20-30 Mb/outbound(on
average), which seems to be about its limit. This is an Athlon XP 1500
box, 256MB RAM, top shows 90+% interrupt usage, CPU usually has about
5-10% idle. Gigabit is on a 32-bit bus, and Gigabit is on an IRQ shared
with unused USB and onboard NIC which is also not used. Should I be able
to push more than 100Mb sec with such a system? It is not doing anything
else, no NAT, one IPFW rule. OS is FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE.

All depends how big the packets are etc. - 90% interrupt time is fairly typical of x86/PC kit shoveling lots of small packets.

Try looking into FreeBSD's "polling" mode - i.e. interrupt free Network cards. If your shifting a lot of small packets (such as online gaming stuff etc.) - you may find your milage pretty limited using standard PC kit - as the x86 architecture wasn't really designed for shifting lots of small packets around [as I've seen many a time in the past :(]

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