On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 11:40:52AM +0300, Benzi Mizrahi wrote:
>ביום שלישי, 24 ביוני 2003, 06:06, Bill Campbell כתב:
>> When I first connected our systems to the Internet over ten years ago, the
>> CERT advisories on sendmail were about the size of a Manhattan phone book.
>> Over the years, it has proven one of the most common sources of security
>> holes on *ix systems, although BIND had recently been vying for the title.
>So you might suggest replacing it DJB DNS???

We did that about two years ago when the BIND 8 holes were appearing hot
and heavy.  An added benefit of djbdns is the rbldns server which makes it
very easy to implement DNS based realtime blackhole lists.

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