My locate database is not being updated.

If I run the script in /etc/periodic/weekly this is the output:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/periodic/weekly]# ./310.locate

Rebuilding locate database:
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/periodic/weekly]#

That takes about 1 second.

This is an ls on the db file.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/periodic/weekly]# ls -l /var/db/locate.database
-r--r--r--  1 nobody  wheel  5911 Jun 24 14:31 /var/db/locate.database
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/periodic/weekly]#

If I just run locate.updatedb as root, it works, but as soon as the periodic 
script runs, the database is reduced to the above.

Any thoughts?

-Ben Polidore

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