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I'm setting up a Squid cache running on latest 4.8 release
and I wondering about disk write performances as it is
a crucial point on that kind on machine.

My question : does softupdate slow down disk writes ?

What you *really* want to do is put the disk cache on a second disk. It's the only game in town for Squid. I mounted a disk as /cache and told squid to use that for its cache, keeping its logs under /var on the first disk.

I ran tunefs to give the /cache disk the following characteristics (based on analysis of my first generation squid server):
tunefs: average file size: (-f) 8192
tunefs: average number of files in a directory: (-s) 256

Be aware though that by default squid will write so many small files that you'll run out of i-nodes before you run out of disk-space. I have to reformat the disk this summer when things are quieter, and I can get away with a smaller disk cache on the system disk.

At the moment, with the above tunefs settings, I'm using around 3-4% more available i-nodes than file blocks used as per df -i output. I'm not sure how that translates to specifying the number of i-nodes when I reformat the disk.

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