Dan Nelson wrote:

What error do you get?

I get the same error that was mentioned in the posting below. I get it when I run as either root or user.

#yppasswd burdine
Changing NIS password for burdine on zan.
Old Password:
yppasswd: sorry

When I went parusing through the source I found where it is dying, I think...

line 153 in /usr/src/usr.bin/passwd/yp_passwd.c

which leads me to believe that it is a crypt problem..? but I have checked all the usual suspects... /etc/login.conf /etc/auth.conf both are using des.

I did run across this posting:


That applies to NIS servers. Root on an NIS client has no extra privs.

Justin Burdine

Computer Network Admin.
School of Engineering and Computer Science Oakland University

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