I think you want to separate the tallying of stats from the display. The stats can be kept up to date via procmail recipes, content filtering or logfile tailing. That happens all the time.

When someone hits your CGI script, you only have to retrieve the statistics, whether they be from a flat file, a DBM file or a database table, and format the results as you see fit. This way you can also produce a test browser that works from the command line.

Yes, I want to be able to generate statistics of how many total emails are recieved and how many are filtered into each mailbox. The other ideas are secondary, but mail filtering stats is my main goal.

web browser off your web server they can see the stats for each user and clear the counters/mailboxes if necessary. The stats would be my biggest concern. I'm no huge cgi expert and I also figured that this might be useful for a lot of other people in some form so I'm sharing the idea in hopes that those of you with more experience with CGI might be able to come up with a working cgi script. I don't think it will be anything huge, but I'm unsure where to start. Thanks for the input everyone! :)

First off, start gathering your stats. That has nothing to do with CGI, and will probably present enough challenges as it is to keep you busy for a while. You might also want to look at packages that do this sort of thing already, like mailgraph. (But otherwise your idea sounds like an excellent learning opportunity).

Hey, thanks!! I'll start looking into it. This has started me off in the right direction at least. :)

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