> Hi, all
> I have tried below
>   echo "this is my testing email" | mail -s "1st mail" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> but no luck. /var/log/maillog show me that
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], ctladdr=pjn (1001/1001), delay=00:00:00,
> mailer=relay, pri=30040, relay=localhost.mytestdomain.com [],
> dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection refused by localhost.mytestdomain.com
> My question are
> 1. Is it possible for sending emails from the host that hasn't run
> on it.
> 2. It seem "mail" try to connect SMTP on localhost.mytestdomain.com.  If I
> "mail" connect to SMTP on the remote host (@mydomain.com's mail server),
> say I want to change my "outgoing mail host". How can I do this ?
> Thanks in advance,

1) You will need to set up sendmail as "submit-only" on your box.  Look at
/etc/mail/freebsd.submit.mc and "man rc.sendmail"
2) You need to set up sendmail to use another mail server instead of
localhost.  This is set using the "SMART_HOST" option in freebsd.submit.mc;
check http://www.sendmail.org for documentation on how to set this.

Matt Emmerton
Take a look at "SMART_HOST" in /etc/mail/freebsd.mc

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