Xpression wrote:
        Hi again...another problem is burning up mi brain, all my servers
have the time updated, the router too, now when I send a mail, send-time is
very different of the real-time, for example, now in my country 2:12 p.m. by
my workstation (my servers 2:10 / 2:10 p.m.)...any idea or somebody with the
same trouble???

You want to enable the Network Time Protocol; see "man ntpd". You can do so via /stand/sysinstall or enabling NTP in /etc/rc.conf:

4-sec% grep ntp /etc/defaults/rc.conf
ntpdate_enable="NO" # Run ntpdate to sync time on boot (or NO).
ntpdate_program="/usr/sbin/ntpdate" # path to ntpdate, if you want a different one.
ntpdate_flags="-b" # Flags to ntpdate (if enabled).
xntpd_enable="NO" # Run ntpd Network Time Protocol (or NO).
xntpd_program="/usr/sbin/ntpd" # path to ntpd, if you want a different one.
xntpd_flags="-p /var/run/ntpd.pid" # Flags to ntpd (if enabled).


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