John DeStefano wrote:
Chuck Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[ ...hitting return every 76 characters would be nice... ]
Interesting... I just double-checked my Yahoo! outbound message settings,
and confirmed message width is fixed at 72 chars.  Never had a complaint
before.  If you've any ideas PLMK.  Regardless, I apologize for the
on-screen abuse.

No harm done. The best idea would be to not use a web-based mail client, but a real MUA like Pine, Netscape/Mozilla, etc.

Um. I consulted my magic eight ball, and it translated your question as:
Was it that obscure? If so, sorry again.

Hmm...your question wasn't obscure, but there were a lot of relevant details that had to be inferred.

] I'm trying to host a web site on a FreeBSD machine. My registrar, godaddy,
] offers a redirect service which sends requests from "" to your
] FreeBSD machine, which possibly has a dynamic IP?

Yes. I have registered a domain name at, and linked it to the dynamic IP address that my ISP has assigned to me. On my internal network, behind a router, I have a FBSD machine, on which I'm running apache.
In order to make all this work with a non-well-known web server port, I had
to use's "Domain forwarding" feature to point to the IP:port combination.

If you subscribe to a dynamic DNS service, such as, you can link to that name rather than the raw IP address, and that name will show up in the browser as you've asked-- assuming you configure apache with that name, as well.

Also, are you running apache on port 80, or is that being blocked by your ISP?
My ISP blocks and monitors well-known server ports such as 80 and 21.  I'm
running well out of the well-known range at 10101.

There's no way to avoid the port number in the URL, then. Consider switching to a provider that lets you host local services...


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