On Fri, 27 Jun 2003 12:35:40 +0200, "Olivier DAVY" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Olivier DAVY
> FreeBSD Fan ;)
> Hi,
> I am very fond of FreeBSD since I tried it on a single little hard drive 
> (*1).
> However, I cannot delete my Linux for FreeBSD on my dual boot Pc 
> (Win...ws + Linux) since I do not know the following things, t hat are 
> essential for me to well manage my PC :
> 1. when installing FreeBSD on a partition on the same disk as Windows, 
> what kind of boot manager should I use.
> During the install, the boot manager choosing screen suggest to install 
> nothing. But how to boot on BSD ?

On the boot manager choosing screen, choosing nothing is an option, not a
suggestion.  Perhaps it is the default because of a "first, do no harm"

> So I tried to install BSD with Linux and Windows, and use Lilo to boot 
> BSD. Well, it works, but I am not satisfied, since Linux is still 
> necessary to boot. What option should I choose ? How should I partition 
> my disk to have this dual boot.

Partitioning is a separate consideration from booting (though Windows
usually likes to have its system partition as the first partition on the
first hard drive; there are ways to get around this, but it's easier just
to allow it).  Partition as you like.  You then have several options
regarding booting.

> What kind of bootmanager should I use ? 

FreeBSD's boot manager will work.  Grub is in the ports and is an
excellent, very configurable bootloader/manager.  Read the Grub
documentation (it's available online) *very* carefully before you use it
(as in fact you should with all boot managers).  If you want a boot
manager that does things more automagically and needs less configuration,
try GAG.

> Does Windows XP (or 2000) could 
> boot FreeBSD (hum ?) ?

This is an item in both the FAQ and the Handbook available at the FreeBSD
web site.

> 2. On my standalone disk (cf. (*1)), I use the default bootloader of 
> FreeBSD.
> But I can not delete if from my HD, whereas I can delete lilo by 
> executing fdisk /MBR ? So what is the issue ? Is the BSD boot loader not 
> in the Master Boot Record ? How can i delete it, to delete all FreeBSD 
> from my disk (just in case...) ?

A moment's thought will tell you why you don't want to *delete* FreeBSD's
bootloader or any other: What results is an unbootable disk!  If you want
to *replace* it with another bootloader/manager, go right ahead - it
won't resist.  Of course, if you are trying to remove FreeBSD's
bootloader from disk 2 by running fdisk/mbr on disk 1, I can understand
why it doesn't work.  ;)

> 3. Why there is only 2 CD-ROM for the 5.1 whereas there is 4 for the 4.X
> ?

I don't have an answer, except to recommend that you stay with 4.x until
(a) it becomes the -STABLE development track, or (b) you consider
yourself more of a hacker than a newbie.

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