Marc Wiz wrote:
On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 03:14:23PM -0400, Chuck Swiger wrote:
X is huge and bloated. CDE was a graphic user environment designed by a committee of Unix vendors: Sun had NeWS, OpenWindows, Motif/MWM and CDE choose the latter rather than either of the former, HP had HP/UX and that wretched bottom center console thing [a poor clone of the CMU 'wmc' console under Andrew], who else? AIX & 'smit'? Anyway, since then, CDE has pursued the goal of emulating aspects of the M$ Windows GUI.

AIX & smit makes X huge and bloated? Smit is an application which runs either curses or X for display purposes. It is certainly not to blame for X being bloated.

No: MIT is to blame for X being huge and bloated.

I was wondering what other blighted aspects of various vendor OS'es that I could point to that reminded me of the first impression I got of CDE, and 'smit' was what came to mind when I considered AIX. To put it mildly, I'd rather have seperate dedicated tools than a jumbo swiss-army knife. That way, I'd have lots of tools which actually do their particular job well, rather than single tool which doesn't do anything at all particularly well.


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