KDE is not part of Freebsd! I takes about 5 minutes to install FBSD on my machine! If you're referring to kde taking so long to install, it's because it has to build first from source. If you were to install kde from source in RH9 I'm sure it would take that much time also. The reason it installs fast in RH9 is because it installs from a binary file (which is already compiled), you can also install kde in less than 10 minutes in FreeBSD if you use the package system, just use /stand/sysinstall or pkg_add, read the section on it on the handbook.

Joe Pokupec wrote:

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your input and explanations. Here's the part I don't understand
(very simplistic view). Both machines previously had Red Hat 9 installed on
them. I decided that I didn't want to pay Red Hat for their up2date feature
on each machine and decided to go back to BSD with a GUI so I could go back
to the trusty, and free ports feature(s)...

RH9 took less than 15 minutes to install and boot for each machine. It has
the Blue Wave GUI and I would imagine is pretty bloated as well. So, from
this point of view, how can one OS take 15 minutes, while the other take 15
hours (and counting)?

The machines are Pentium II, 333Mhz and 400 Mhz units (both are Dells). Each
machine has 256 Megs of RAM, and one of the machines has a 60 gig drive...



Joe Pokupec wrote:

Hi All,

I installed 5.1 on 2 separate machines yesterday. After the general install
(which included all the Ports), I went to /usr/ports/x11/kde3 and did a:

What are these machines? Processor? RAM?

make install clean after reading tfm.

The install has been going for over 11 hours now. It's not hung up, the text
is scrolling by... On both machines...

Is there something I should know?

Yes, KDE is big ... Huge ... Like ... try to imagine more code than you
could ever imagine, and KDE might actually be bigger than that.  See ...
if you took the empire state building and put the statue of liberty on top
of it and put them both underneath the New River Gorge Bridge, the space
left over wouldn't be as big as KDE.  If you took all the code in KDE and
laid it end to end it would reach all the way to the sun, catch on fire and
burn your house down (although it would take 8 minutes for the fire to get
from the sun to your house, so you'd probably be able to get out in time)

The upshot is that KDE could easily take several days to compile if you're
dealing with less than hefty hardware.  Let us know the details of the
hardware and we'll make some guesses on how long it should take to compile.

I can re-install 5.1, 5.0, or any version on these machines if necessary,
but I'm somewhat curious about this huge length of install time...

I doubt the version of FreeBSD is the cause.  Use ALT+F2 to switch to
another console on one of the machines and run "top" to get an idea of
what's causing the problem.  If the build process is causing a lot of
swapping, it's probably going to take 6 or 7 years for KDE to build.

I am not an insurance salesman, if your house burns down due to anything
you've read in this email, I make no guarantees that your homeowner's
policy will cover it.
I'm also not responsible for personal injury or damage to the statue of
liberty caused by trying to balance it on top of the empire state building.
(I still say that damn thing sways when the wind blows!)
Do not try this at home.  Offer void where prohibited.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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