Hi all,
I have a new adsl isp allocating my fbsd 4.7 box a
routable IP (end user ip)
I have 32 (read that as 30) ips of my own to use and
route for my domain.
I have 2 NICs in the gateway/router
How should I setup the IPs and aliases etc. I
(yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy = ISP end user ip they gave me)
(xxx.xxx.xxx.xx1 = 1st usable ip in my 32 ip range)
(xxx.xxx.xxx.xx2 = 2nd usable ip in my 32 ip range) 


            ADSL MODEM
     |  yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy |
     |  xxx.xxx.xxx.xx1 |
     |         |        |
     |       fxp0 NIC   |
     |                  |
     |                  |
     |       dc0 NIC    |
     |         |        |
     |   |
     |                  |

Or do I also need an xxx.xxx.xxx.xx3 alias on the dc0
 because I have 2 ip live servers inside the firewall.
I think I do! Am I right or am I right?
I have ipfilter on this machine with ipnat setup tonat
the addresses.
Also, I suppose I could setup ipnat to do mapping of
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxn addresses into 10.0.0.n private
what say you?


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