Hi all,

I'm running this 1U server with a cd-RW-rom-drive.
Every now and then the drive opens. Unfortunately it's a laptop
sort of drive because it's in a 1U server, so it won't close by

I was wondering if there's any standard proces running on FreeBSD that
opens it; I haven't monitored it's behaviour closely because I don't
have permanent access to the box.

There's no -eject option in any of my cdrecord cmds.

I'm running FreeBSD 4.8 with a cd0: Slimtype COMBO LSC-24081M 3M35
Removable CD-ROM SCSI-0 device. McAfee is installed (for MailScanner).

I suppose it should be possible to lock the drive; the supportteam at
C&W where the box is hosted are getting a bit annoyed [they're
considering superglue at this point].

Any suggestions as to why it opens and how this could be prevented
[other than the Cable and Wireless-solution =:0] greatly appreciated!



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