New to FreeBSD

Currently using Libranet trying to switch my main box
to FreeBSD..

MY current problem is adduser

I think is is corrupted.

When I type adduser

I get the regular first three lines.

Check /etc/shells
Check /etc/master.pwd
Check /etc/group

Usernames must match regulare expression: [mkosmal]:

That last line must come from an aborted prior attempt.
It just gets worse after that.

In /usr/sbin
the adduser script is in part

Copyright 1995-1996 Wolfram Schneider etc. yada. yada.. yada..

I am using a disk that came with Teach  Yourself FreeBSD in 24 hours..

I tried editing the following files by had


I couldn't find the password file.  

This didn't work either..



Marvin J. Kosmal
Linux Activist
Registered User # 88512
Brought to by Libranet 2.7

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