Rob wrote:
> I don't know if it's a bug - you've asked the OS to do something that is
> prohibited by the hardware, and (in the Unix tradition) it tries as hard
> as it can.
> What might be improved is an error message from mount(8) at the time of
> the problem - not everyone looks at their console....

OK, but my point is: even if you immediately notice the messages in the
console, it's already too late. The mount command has been done and the
umount can't reverse the action, because of the Input/Output error.

With or without noticing the console error messages, you are stuck with
this mount. And if, for some reason, you can't make the floppy read/write,
you are stuck with this mount for ever, unless you reboot...

Have you tried yourself? There's no clean way out, is there?

I still think this falls into the category 'bug'.


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