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> > > What is the second one for??
> >
> > The second one contains a live file system which can be used to repair an
> > existing installation in case of trouble (`fixit CD').
> Hehe, and here I've been trying to get the livecd project's livecd to work...
> is this documented elsewhere? Because I was searching quite a bit for FreeBSD
> LiveCD:s a while back, and livecd.sourceforge.net was the only one I found
> (which is also in ports). I don't think I've ever read what the second
> installation CD was for. I've always only downloaded/used the first.
> If I'm just blind / can't read docs, my apologies. If not it might be a good
> idea to put a semi-visible notice about this somewhere

There's some misconception here, as far as I see. The second (`fixit') CD
is not bootable; you have to boot using CD #1 and to select fixit mode
from the sysinstall program.

After that, the system still runs in single-user mode; you're just able to
repair an existing installation or to do simple tasks with CD #2; I've
never tried to invoke the multi-user mode using this CD.


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