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Hello all,

Previously, I had a dual-boot setup with FreeBSD 5.0 and Windows XP.  I
was using booteasy as the boot loader and I had no problem booting into
either Windows or FreeBSD.  However, I found myself having to reinstall
FreeBSD so I decided to go with 5.1-RELEASE.  As usual, I chose to use
the FreeBSD boot loader on ad0 (the Windows drive) and to install a
standard mbr on ad1 (the FreeBSD drive).  After the install, I was able
to boot FreeBSD with no problems at all, but when I went to boot up
Windows, I received the dreaded 'NTLDR missing' message.

So, to get the point, I was wondering if there was a way to make the
Windows disk bootable again *without* having to reinstall Windows.  I
know that if I reinstall Windows, it will think it's king of the
universe and write over booteasy and thus make my FreeBSD installation
unbootable.  I've tried searching google and the list archives, but,
surprisingly enough (as I know there have been about a billion threads
along this line), was unable to find anything useful.  Any advice or
pointers on how to do this would be *greatly* appreciated.


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