I'm trying to print a copy of cvsbook.ps using KGhostView.  Originally, my 
ghostview config was using -sDEVICE=x11, but I've also tried -sDEVICE=cdj550, 
because I have an HP560C.

I'm also using CUPS and had quite a time getting it configured, but it does 

I try to print just page 6, because the headers are not being printed, and 
I've already killed to many trees...

From KGhostView's print dialog, I expand it so I can select only the current 
page, and I enable print preview.

The page looks good. The header is about a half inch from the top, and the 
first line is about an inch down.  Setting margins seems to have no effect.

When the document actually prints, the header is missing and the line that was 
at one inch is at a half inch.  I think the header may have been cut off by 
the printer because it can't print with something like .33 of an inch from 
the top.

Why aren't the margins being used?  Why doesn't a .ps file just appear on 
paper as it does on the screen?

Is there something else I need to install or configure?

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