When mass installing/reinstalling freebsd machines I use following

1) make buildworld on my installer machine
2) insert new [target] HDD in my installer machine
3) fdisk / disklabel the HDD as desired and mount it at /some/where
4) cd /usr/src && make installworld DESTDIR=/some/where
5) cd sys/compile/SOMEKERNEL && make install DESTDIR=/some/where
6) cd /usr/src/etc && make distribution DESTDIR=/some/where
7) configure /some/where/etc as desired

All this works fine, but /stand doesn't get installed on the new HDD. I
didn't find place, where the Makefile for /stand lives. For now I copy
/stand on the new HDD from builder, which IMHO is not good. So, question
is: how to get /stand installed?
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