I installed tmda from the ports. It is not working, and as I am 
looking into why, I found a number of peculiar things.

It doesn't work with sendmail so well becuase certain variables have
to be passed on to tmda. They suggest procmail can be used to do this and
they provide a script for that purpose.

Part of that script is ;
SENDER=`formail -x Return-Path | sed 's/[<>]//g;s/^[ ]*//'`

which in my case does _not_ get the sender address. I had to modify
that script somewhat to work. Once that is fixed, the program still does
not seem to run. It will not send mail back for confirmations, at least.
There are no errors in the logs, and tdma does acknowlege receiving the
mail and keeping it, presumably waiting for confirmation before putting it
in my box.

I have detailed my logs and problems to the tmda list and have received
no reply. I don't know how busy that list is, but at this point I am 
just wondering how many fbsd'ers are using tmda.   

If anyone has an alternative suggestion it would be great. I notice we 
have qconfirm in the ports but on looking at the installation instructions
it appears that it only works with qmail.


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