In the last episode (Jul 02), Etienne Ledoux said:
> I finally got my netservers up and running. I can mount the
> rackstorage (shared Raid Array) from both. But as expected if I
> add/delete something on the one server the other one doesn't see it
> untill I reboot it and remount the share. Just an umount/remount
> doesn't pick up the change either.

I would have expected a kernel panic myself :)
> This being a nice setup I would like to be able to access
> (add/delete) at the same time from both servers. Which filesystem
> available for FreeBSD can I use to do this ?

There are no shared-storage filesystems for FreeBSD.

> Alternitavily, how can a remount the parition without having to
> reboot to be able to see all the new data. This will enable me to
> sort off use the second server as a standby.

NFS mount the filesystem from one machine to the other.  If you really
need fast access, buy a pair of $50 gigabit NICs, put one in each
machine, and hook them up with a crossover cable.

With a bit of work, you can probably even do a failover setup where if
the primary fails, the secondary will fsck and mount the filesystem

        Dan Nelson
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