* Tobias Roth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [Wed, 02 Jul 2003]:
> hehe, I somehow expected to be able to change the keyboard layout with
> a click. but the plugin does not intend that. looks like someone (me?)
> will have to implement another plugin that has this capability.

By the way, why do you want to be able to change the layout by
clicking ? Most people use a hot-key combination because they have
found it's faster and more comfortable. That way you are not
forced to put your hands off the keyboard while typing.

If you use, for example, the following configuration:

    Option  "XkbLayout" "cz_prog,cz,de,ru" 
    Option  "XKbOptions" "grp:ctrl_shift_toggle"
then you'll be able to use CTRL+SHIFT to cycle through all
the specified layouts.

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