On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 02:14:01PM -0700, sanketh sangam wrote:
> Hey Alex,
> Thanks for your response. The advance HTTP
> authentication is called DIGEST Authentication.

Yes that the one.

> Now about PHP and JSP, as for now i am starting out
> with a small application. So, i guess i can go for
> PHP. But later if the project gets larger can i
> migrate from PHP to JSP, I mean can it be accomplished
> easily.

Its an entairly different programming language. Every php
page have to be rewritten. So no, not realy. If i whould 
be plaing on something big, i would start with JSP evendou
the project wasn't big jet.

> Do u know about "mod_auth_mysql" along with
> ".htaccess" (they are provided my apache). It seems
> that module can be used for user authentication. 

I have no experience with that port, but i beleave it
to allow acces to certain directory and getting the 
information from a database. Wether or not to use it
proberbly depend on you detailed plans. I don't think
i can help you with it.

> I am
> not sure if that module is running on my system. Do u
> know how i can find out if that module has been
> installed on my system or not.

pkg_info wil list it if its on you system. But that's 
another discussion and thus doesn't realy belong in this

> Thank you very  much for your time.
> -Babu

I feel the following things are helpfull sending to 
these list:
1. Do send mail like this with a cc to the orginal list.
   Others can learn from our exange of information.
2. Don't top-post. This makes it hard for other to read it.
3. Cut you text. Text that has no more relevancy only 
   confueses people.
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