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Dagerot thusly...
> I would like to start/stop different programs (such as the
> java-program mentioned above).

Scan ps(1) output.  Then perform appropriate action based on that.

> I would also like to have many programs running, but only see one
> at a time (bring to front, maximize).

I use fvwm-devel (port), so my rest of the reply is based on that.
And i think that fvwm could be of help.  The Big Idea is...

  - Spawn FvwmCommand once from fvwm.
  - Afterwords you can use FvwmCommand to fire fvwm related commands
    from a shell script or console.

...For details, see...

...FVWM is highly configurable, so don't let the fvwm(1) man page
overwhelm you.  If you encounter problems w/ fvwm, consult the
mailing lists...

  - Parv

A programmer, budding Unix system administrator, and amateur photographer
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