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samba can also generate a lot of log files depending on configuration. However, it also can be configured to put out all of it's logging information via syslog(3). Samba is also capable of recycling it's own log files. See the 'max log size' entry in smb.conf:


A Very useful peace of information! Thanks, I haven't noticed that.

I am thinking about changing the newsyslog instead (adding an option)
but I am such a newbie in Unix, makefiles and all this stuff (except c)

Go for it. The ideal would probably be to add another flag to the 'flags' column to go with the BCGJNUWZ- flags it already understands, so that you can apply the 'file descriptor friendly' method of

Thats exactly what I had in my mind.

updating on a per-file basis.  Unless you're going to be adding whole
new files to the newsyslog sources, then you shouldn't need to modify
any Makefiles at all.

It seems I am lucky :-)

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