Another item to check: Faulty time service might produce
such duplication.  The first cron job would run on the
old time; the time updates; it then runs the job again.
There would not be a 3rd run because the clock is now correct.

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 08:23:30PM -0400, John wrote:
> For quite some time now my system has been executing all entries in the 
> crontab twice, instead of the expected once.  This happens most obviously 
> for the periodic scripts, but also on some scripts that I added for 
> nightly, weekly, or runs at reboot.  This started not long after a 
> buildworld upgrade from one 4.x to another 4.x.  Which upgrade, I don't 
> recall unfortunately.  The executions of the scripts appear to occur within 
> minutes of each other, if not seconds.
> I checked /var/cron/tabs/root, and all entries are in there only once.
> Cron is also only running as a single process.
> The system is running 4.8-RC.
> Any thoughts of where to look and what to look for?
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