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> Making a daily server backup, using dump (FreeBSD 4.7R), I keep running into
> a "softupdates" problem. That is, prior to backing up a partition (/var), I
> move a large file (several gigabytes) off that partition. But because of the
> "softupdates" effect, the size of that large file is added to the dump-file
> size, as if it were still on the partition!
> I have been able to circumvent that, in the past, by waiting a few minutes
> before starting the dump (until df reflects the correct size). This is not
> really ideal, though, as I disallow outside connections while in backup (so
> as not to change the /var partion with log-files being filled and such). Is
> there not a command to force 'softupdates' to write out its cache
> immediately?

Hmmm... not an answer to the question you asked, but does not:

    # chflags nodump your-very-large-file

in combination with using the '-h 0' flag to dump(8) let you backup the
partition without including the file in question?



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