At 04:03 AM 7/3/2003, Andrew Boothman wrote:
On Thursday 03 July 2003 1:23 am, John wrote:
> Hi All,
> For quite some time now my system has been executing all entries in the
> crontab twice, instead of the expected once.  This happens most obviously
> for the periodic scripts, but also on some scripts that I added for
> nightly, weekly, or runs at reboot.  This started not long after a
> buildworld upgrade from one 4.x to another 4.x.  Which upgrade, I don't
> recall unfortunately.  The executions of the scripts appear to occur within
> minutes of each other, if not seconds.

Hmmm - that is strange.

My only thought off-hand would be that someone has managed to install
/etc/crontab as a personal crontab?

Try 'crontab -l' as root and any other possible users to see if they have a
crontab that is similar to the /etc/crontab

Just a thought......


Your suggestion was dead on - I'm not sure why I kept overlooking this. For some reason the entire contents of /etc/crontab were duplicated in root's crontab. I got rid of it last night, and lo - only one run of the scripts.

Thanks very much for the help!

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