> I am ftping 4.8iso to a windows 98 box with ftppro then transferring the
> file to a xp box with a cd writer.
> Is there any down falls to this? I notice that Freebsd file size is 265k
> the download size is 271k on the Windows 98 box is somthing being added
> to the transfer?

Most probably you downloaded the file in ASCII mode.  You must use BINARY
mode or ftp will interpret the data and try to convert it to MS style

When the ftp session is established, type the command   binary   to set 
binary mode.   If you are doing it via a web browser, I don't know how 
to set it because I never do that.  (I just use an ftp utility straight up)
But, there must be some way, so check around.   


> Dan
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