cp wrote:
We need to purchase a DVD drive for backup. We are running 5.1 RELEASE. We have USB
IDE and SCSI on this fairly new system. There
are no USB devices being used now and only
a CD Drive and single harddrive on the IDE.

I read the compatibility notes and searched Google for the wide range of devices available.
So far it appears that querying or searching this
list *Before* purchase is the best way to avoid
days of messing around ;-).

Can anyone offer an opinion as to which type of DVD
burner would present the least possible hassle in
installation? What I'm hoping for, is to install it, make a new kernel and simply use it to write
complete CD snapshots to store offsite.

Soeren has a Sony DRU500A that we bough him for development, so I would assume that support for that particular make/model of DVD burner is the best right now and will continue to be the best.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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