Quoting Drew Tomlinson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
| About a year or two ago, someone posted his recipe for sorting FreeBSD
| lists.  This particular one was nice in that it extracted the list name
| from the "From" line (I think) and then created the appropriate folder
| if it didn't exist.  

Probably the most appropriate field to match against in the mailheader is
``List-Id'', which for this mailinglist is:

        List-Id: User questions <freebsd-questions.freebsd.org>

I do not have that particular script which you refer to, but I'd just like to
give a note of warning on automatically executing shell commands based on
email data (since an attacker could easily insert hazardous commands).

Why not just have some extra lines in your procmailrc file?  Also, I've
written some notes on sorting incoming mail:

        "A guide to simple mail filtering on UNIX systems"

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