On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 11:09:28AM -0500, Greg Brooks wrote:
> I currently use most of /var for a depository of files that move in and
> out via FTP. /var runs on a secondary hard drive in the system, along
> with a partition called /storage that's currently empty.
> Only one user ("ftpuser") has login rights to the ftp system, although
> it's not jailed with its own /bin directory, etc.

Do you really mean "jailed", or are you talking about the user being
"chrooted", as is normally done with ftp users?

> The question: How do I take the available space in /storage and make it
> available to the ftpuser? Adding a symlink to /storage within the FTP
> area doesn't seem to work.

You could try mount_null (or mount_nullfs in 5.x), though the man page
gives warnings about bugs.  Or you could simply mount the filespace in a
directory to which "ftpuser" has access.  Or you could create another
user with access to /storage.  Or you could use an FTP server that
supports directory aliases.  I don't know of one that does, but perhaps
some searching would find one.

For your reading pleasure, there's discussion of this for proftpd at

Lots of options.

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