Johan Paul wrote:

I just installed FreeBSD 4.8 and tried to add a user to the system using 'adduser foo'.

I get a few questions and then this:

-- 8< --
Don't worry about mistakes. I will give you the chance later to correct any input.
Enter username [foo]:
Please enter a username
Enter username [foo]: foo
Please enter a username
Enter username [foo]:
-- 8< --

...whatever I type in as username, the system rejects it.

I can add users via sysinstall. But this bothers me... what could be wrong?

I'm guessing that during the startup portion of adduser, you entered "foo" as the "username regex". This isn't where you enter a username, but where you enter a pattern that limits the possible usernames. Deleting /etc/adduser.conf will get you back to the shipped defaults.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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